ArChine Foodrance WSI 2 PTFE

Grease with PTFE Appropriated for Incidental Contact with Foodstuffs

NSF Registration No. :  145484    Place of Origin: France

ArChine Foodrance WSI 2 PTFE also assures:

·An exterior protection against the oxidation.

·An excellent resistance at high temperatures.

· Service Temperature Range °C : -20~180

· Dropping  Point °C : Non-melt


They are multiple in the food-processing sector:

·Open gears or not waterproof gearboxes

·Crimpers in canning factories.

·Bearings of oven trolleys.

·Safety valves situated next to foodstuffs.

·Pump pistons needing grease (Bottling factories, sweets, yoghurts and cakes factories).

·Conveyors chains.

·Slides with hooks

·General greasing of equipment, joints, various motions; where it is recommended to use grease next to foodstuffs.

ArChine Foodrance OAC 2

Synthetic Lubricant Appropriated for Fortuitous Contact with Foodstuff

NSF Registration No.: 145482    Place of Origin: France


·ArChine Foodrance OAC 2 is an entirely synthetic grease supporting very high temperature changes,  which allows it to have a very good stability at work (shearing)

·Totally insoluble in water and vapour, it has very good performance under water pressure and high temperatures.

·Very high resistance to ordinary cleaning detergents.

·Very good pumpability at low temperatures.

·High protection against oxidation, corrosion and wearing.

·Resistance to high-pressure.

·Total inertia with joints and elastomers.

·NSF H1, Halal and Kosher approved.

· Service Temperature Range °C : -40~170

· Dropping  Point °C : >230


·Loaded bearings of conveyors.

·Sleeve bearings subject to high temperatures.

·General greasing in cold rooms or any other strict applications at low temperatures.

·Hot water or vapour environment.

·Bearings, varied articulations where it is recommended to usce grease in strict and very strict