ArChine Cotoo NTG 46,68

Carbon dioxide refrigeration compressor lubricant

ArChine Cotoo NTG 46 is formulated with a special synthetic polyether (PAG) blending additive that provides excellent wear protection, oxidative stability and lubricity. ArChine Cotoo NTG 46 has good solubility/miscibility with carbon dioxide refrigerant (R 744)

Product Features 

 ● High thermal stability

 ● Good chemical stability with carbon dioxide refrigerant

 ● Good compatibility with carbon dioxide refrigerants - even at low temperatures

 ● Outstanding low temperature fluidity

 ● Excellent lubricity in high pressure carbon dioxide gas

The ArChine Cotoo NTG 46 is primarily designed for use in CO2 refrigeration systems. ArChine Cotoo NTG 46 has excellent solubility/miscibility with carbon dioxide refrigerants, which ensures oil circulation in refrigeration systems, especially at low evaporation temperatures.